Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2012 Hyundai Azera Official Powertrain Details

So far we know that the new 2012 Azera will come with the popular 3.3 liter v6 already used in the Azera and formerly found in the 06-10 Sonata v6. Output will be 286 horsepower and 255 lb. ft of torque which is amazing considering the current version makes 260 hp. Another surprising fact - It will not receive the direct injection treatment to achieve these numbers! What would this v6 be able to do with such tech if normally producing 286? Almost as much as the Genesis 3.8 at 290. Timing chain of course for low maintenance cost and quieter interior. Can't wait to drive it!

Also, Hyundai has confirmed Advanced Smart Cruise Control will be available on the Azera. In a different form found on the Genesis sedan already, the ASCC system will feature also an accident pre-collision system applying the full force of the brakes if a vehicle in front comes to a complete stop quickly.

The Azera will be come equipped with Hyundai's proprietary, sealed 6-speed transmission with sportronic. With amazing god looks, all that power, and a smooth shifter transmission - Azera is on the hunt for some Maxima and Avalon! Production should start in January so stay tuned for an estimated release date to North America and for my first drive.


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