Friday, December 31, 2010

Beware! Icy Roads Ahead!

Here in Utah there has been crazy cold weather. Snow storms followed by melting followed by freezing. I have always been pretty good in the snow if I do say so myself. The other day however I was petty scared. It was a pretty bad snow storm and the ground went from being snow-less to snow covered in just a few minutes. The wind was blowing and it was something out of the movies it seemed or a national geographic documentary of Antarctica (obviously exaggerating for those who don't live in UT)!

Luckily earlier that day I had my tires rotated and I only have about 7000 miles on these new tires anyway, but in a front wheel drive I figured I might as well have as much tread as I can get for when Brooke drives. So I was headed home and all the roads had a thick glaze over them so I knew I had better go slow but I wasn't prepared for how crazy the roads would actually be.

I was headed up a hill near the dealership with people creeping as they should but some people had stopped to rubber neck at others who had slid off. I was forced to stop and then I was in big trouble. I couldn't get going again and instead of heading up the hill pressing the gas I was headed down the hill and ended up going sideways directly towards a suburban.

I had always made fum of these videos of funny crashes on a hill of ice and never thought I would be a part of one. I said a quick prayer to the Man upstairs and was able to finagle myself into a parking lot instead of smacking into the tank behind me, man was I lucky. I left the car there in the parking lot and walked back to work and got a different car. WHEW! That was a close call! So be careful out there! Rain, snow, ice, sleet it is all dangerous. The news said that the majority of accidents the past 3 days have been because of people driving too fast. So be careful everyone so you can make it to the next year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! See you in 2011!


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