Wednesday, December 8, 2010

First Drive: 2011 Hyundai Elantra

First Drive: 2011 Hyundai Elantra


Over the past two years working with Hyundai I have been impressed by their vehicle and the amount of value they pack into each one. I loved the anticipation of a redesigned vehicle hitting the lot - especially after following it's production process from concept car to spy shots to sneak peeks, and then finally in person. I always reserve my final opinion of a vehicle's styling until I have looked at it for about a week on the lot. This gives me time to see it at a glance from all different angles and in different situations (driving away, parked, turning, etc). My initial feelings about the new Elantra are that it is AWESOME!

Just as the 2011 Sonata upped its predecessor in every category - so does this new Elantra. From the pictures the '11 looks much larger than the '07-10 model. In person the new '11 looks wider and a hair longer. The styling is amazing!

The drive was great too! It is much quieter than the previous model and that has partly to do with new powertrain. 1.8l 4 cylinder engine makes 148 hp (10 more than the previous Elantra) but is a lot quieter. The Hyundai 6 speed transmission shifts well and selects the perfect gear you need to be in. The 6 speed keeps the RPM's low when driving conservatively to achieve an amazing 40 mpg (up to 47) in all models!

The interior design is light years beyond the vehicle it replaces. The new "fluidic design" extends to the interior with excellent quality materials and fit and finish. The gauges are easy to read, the bluetooth is easy to set up, the extending arm rest is a nice plus, just overall a really nice vehicle. ESC is standard. At first glance you can tell the Elantra has stepped up it's game in every aspect.

The ride was much improved as well. I noticed from taking it over the same bumps I have taken hundreds of Elantras in the past, it feels more sporty and yet smooths out pot holes, dips, and bumps much better. 

The surprise to me was it actually felt like the '11 Sonata. Driving around town and on the freeway it felt very similar to it's big brother. The feel of the interior,  ride quality, the exceptional power for the size of vehicle is just astounding just like in the Sonata. It exceeds your expectations of what a vehicle would drive like in this category.

I am amazed at the car! I think it will be a great car to help people with. It is always exciting to show people the '11 Sonata and hear all of the "wows" you get when explaining how the vehicle blows everything else in the class out of the water. It will be a pleasure to do the same with the Elantra now.

The '10 Elantras are still an awesome value and a great vehicle. Ranking #1 in quality and value in its class with competitors like the Corolla and Civic that is awesome! We have loaded our inventory with 2010 Elantras on sale now for $13,690 with dealer arranged financing. Any questions please feel free to call me at 801-623-1392. Drive safe out there!

For a review of features and some cool information check out my previous posts about the Elantra!

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- Joe

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