Monday, December 20, 2010

Galaxie Lighting Thumbs UP!

Have you ever gone into a place and felt like the person helping you wished that they were somewhere else? I have felt that way helping people so I know it happens. I remember when I was 16 and working at Storehouse Markets as a checker here in Orem, I was ringing this lady up and she could tell that I didn't want to be helping her. I think I was probably putting the vibe out that I was "put-out" by me checking her out and had all the attitude that made it obvious. Anyway, she called me out on it and I felt stupid and embarrassed for a the rest of the day. I determined not to show that kind of a attitude again. Every now and then I run into that type of person at a place where you would expect people to be a little more pleasant than maybe a checker at the grocery store would offer.

As you may know we are remodeling our house and I have been wanting to do a recessed lighting in the hallway and front room. I am probably the cheapest person I know, but I don't just shop price; I also shop quality, and customer service as well. Being a salesman on commission only, I really watch how other industries perform and try and apply good examples and watch for the bad examples and avoid those actions.

Back to the story, a few weeks ago I was in my "preliminary" stages of looking for lighting and stopped by this place called Galaxie Lighting in Lindon by my work. I met a salesperson there who was helpful and pretty friendly. The thing that really caught me was the pricing was really good too. I even asked him "what are the benefits of buying lights here" and he gave me a good answer (which is amazing by the way)! I left and thought to myself that this was the place to buy lights from. I found all three things I was looking for - Quality, customer service, and a good price.

So last Thursday I went back with my Dad to pick up six lights. I stood in the showroom for a minute and a girl who was dressed in fashionable clothes asked me for help. I asked her if she knew who helped me a few weeks ago and she said that he was gone. So I told her what I was wanting to buy 6 lights. The salesperson before told me that I could buy them for $17.00 plus 10% off for everything, can, baffle, and light (which is amazing by the way!) and she told me I had to buy them for $17.95. This is ok that some people tell you different prices because some people may know more about pricing than others. I wasn't upset at all about that- I was upset that she acted the same way I did as a checker.

Now I was 16 at the time and she was an adult (and from her clothes in my opinion was trying to show it). She acted like she didn't want to help me. When she didn't know something she tried to play it off as though she did. My dad was wondering what was taking me so long to buy these lights because we had a lot of work to do. The lights that she got for me were the wrong ones and would look really cheap because the bulb was too small for the fixture. When I tried to explain my concerns she just said "well that's all we have".

I should probably note that I know that I was in a lighting store and not the Ritz Carlton - but c'mon at least help me a bit! I'm about to spend $100 on stupid lighting here! My dad was getting frustrated and I asked her if she knew when the salesperson I was talking with before would be in - she didn't know. She sat down at a desk and started surfing the Internet (which wasn't amazing to me by the way). I saw a stack of cards on the counter so I picked on up and it had his cell phone. I asked the sales woman if they get paid on commission there and she said they did. That was it for me! I thanked her for her time and told her I would call Terry and left. My dad drove off upset that we wasted so much time there.

I called Terry. I told him that I didn't want to give the commission to someone that didn't want to help me. He said he would meet me there in 20 minutes. I met up with him. He set me up with the right lights, discounted the 6 light kits and upgraded my lights - all with a smile and a good attitude. Not only did I get someone who wanted to help me, but I got an even better deal, and the right guy got rewarded for the good work he had done. I couldn't help but think about how life can be so unfair sometimes. At work sometimes, I will work really hard and try to do 120% and some other guy will get the reward I felt like I should have got. Well not this time! Terry Anderson got the reward that he should get because he was a great person to work with and did his best to EARN my business. He even picked up the other box of lights and took it out to the truck. Galaxie Lighting in Lindon is a great place to buy home lighting and Terry Anderson is the salesperson to buy it from. They are better than Home Depot in quality and price. Good job Terry!


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  1. Joe,

    Thank you so much for the rave review, I really did enjoy helping you with what you needed. See, unlike some people, I enjoy what I do and hope that I make my customer's experience the best that they can have, because when I go into a store to buy something, no matter where, or what I am buying I expect good customer service. So why not give the folks that come to see you and spend their hard earned money the same that excellence I expect?

    Joe, just want to say that it was an excellent experience working working with you as well, toughest job is selling to another salesperson. Joe was great, thanks my friend.

    Terry-Galaxie Lighting