Saturday, December 4, 2010

A letter to the Ostriches


Lately I have noticed many ostrich-like people. To them I write:

Responsibility is not an object you can avoid. You cannot run or hide from it. If you hide in the cupboard like a child or cover your eyes it is waiting for you. You cannot renounce obligations in hopes of releasing yourself of duty from yourself. It isn't a dog that you can tell to sit or stay. Responsibility follows you home, to work, to church, vacation, and to bed. Once a promise is made, a covenant is made, a duty is taken on, it is given and the so called burden is yours. You can either complete it or fail all together. Either way a choice needs to be made. It is not possible to run or hide in hopes of creating a middle ground. You cannot produce neutrality by fear or lack of effort. Responsibility, obligations, duties, promises, covenants, and commitments are holding us accountable themselves. They are patiently waiting for us to tighten our boots and get to work. Some even extend past time and life.

The heart breaker of all of this is most responsibility is tied to a relationship with another person - spouse, child, parent, friend, or even Deity. Relationships that have been built over many years can be damaged with disappointments. Trust established can be washed away with empty promises. Hopes can be crushed with the realization that confidence has faded away. Sometimes blessings from Heaven are missed and sometimes withheld for lack of commitment and effort.

One of the worst consequences is the destruction to our character. We degrade our self when we don't accomplish what we have said we would. Our self esteem diminishes and our viewed self-worth is eroded away. We can get to the point where we don't even trust ourselves.


There is no more putting our heads in the sand. Hiding and fleeing from what we know we should do. We should afford people who have failed us forgiveness because we are not absolute beings that can be counted on in every instance. We are not infallible. We can try though. We can determine to do everything we can to finish, complete, fulfill, magnify, and accomplish what has been laid before us. We can change. We can repent. We can ask for forgiveness from those we have failed on Earth or in Heaven and we can try harder. Lets do it! Lets die knowing that we've tried with some failures along the road instead of being destined to fail because we didn't try.

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