Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vespa Crash

My Dad always told me that there are two kinds of motorcycle riders out there - "the ones that have gone down and the ones that are going down."

Some of you may know that I purchased a 2004 Vespa ET4 a few years ago when gas was $3.50 a gallon. It has been a lot of fun riding it to and from work everyday for the past 2-3 years. It has had some problems that have cost me over the years so I'm not sure how much it has actually saved me but it has been a lot of fun!

My coworkers laugh at me for wearing a full faced helmet that my Grandpa gave me (he used it for his snow mobile). It is huge, round and white and looks like a Lego helmet! No matter how ugly it might be it sure is functional! It has came in handy on 2 occasions! One time last year while making a U-turn I hit some rumble strips and biffed it and then ate pavement the  second time yesterday.

I was going to work, and thought to cut through a gas station instead of waiting for the red light. The scooter has needed some new tires for about 3 months now but with the Vespa dealer closing down last year I haven't has it regularly serviced. Well, I hit some gravel going about 30-35 mph and layed the scoot down! I'll bet it looked awesome me sliding down the road on my stomach and then rolling a few times down the lane! The Vespa suffered some damage and luckily landed on its left side so the oil didn't leak out into the air filter. It's not so much the physical pain that hurts but the ego that received the most damage...then again there is something to say about 240 lbs hitting the pavement. I was sliding so bad that my work shirt sleeve under my coat melted together.

So for all those that have told me that I am crazy for riding in the sun, rain, and snow you were right! I scraped my legs up pretty bad and have been dizzy for a few days, but man I am sure glad I wear that Lego helmet! So always wear a helmet and be more patient than Joe Macedone- THANKS GRANDPA!

Here is some Vespa crash fun videos so you can see what an idiot I'm sure I looked like!

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