Wednesday, December 29, 2010

YES, We Are Open!

Contrary to what you may think - people come buy cars during a snow storm. When most people just want to stay indoors and stay under their blankets there are some who still need to get a new vehicle.

Rainy days are the same story - people are still here at the dealership buying cars. It is kind of an interesting phenomenon actually. There are some great deals to take advantage of right now through the end of the year with Hyundai too! A lot of our cars are offering 0% financing, some are offering as much as $5000 off MSRP, and still some have a sweet lease promotion!

We have over 120 Murdock Certified Pre-owned vehicles and 550 brand new vehicles in stock! New Hyundais come with a full tank of gas, pre-owned certified vehicles come with a free car fax and a warranty, and all vehicles get car washes for life! So if anyone was wondering - YES, WE ARE OPEN!

- Joe



  1. great website joe! i've been following it on my phone but can't figure out how to comment, so keep it up :-) and congrats on the new house! -dani

  2. Looks good to me Joe!!! You have such energy and ambition! Keep up the good work. I still haven't forgotten that I owe you. Maybe when my life gets to be a little more normal....if that's possible!
    Congratulations on the new home! I'll bet you are loving it.