Monday, January 17, 2011

The Difference Between 200 and 235 lbs

I weigh about 235 lbs and of course that fluctuates about 5 lbs up and down depending on whats going on. I have figured out what the difference between 235 and the 200 lbs (where I would like to be) really is. I had an epiphany this morning, and the answer is found in simple math. If any of you are wondering where those extra pounds came from allow me to illuminate the probably causes.

Taking two times the amount of stuff that I shouldn't have even one helping of, is the difference between 200 and 235, such as a second doughnut this morning or four scoops of delicious butter topped mashed potatoes for dinner.  

If you were to subtract 5-7 hours from when we eat dinner that would equal the time we are supposed to eat dinner (3 a.m. pot of spaghetti for example) and that is the difference between 200 and 235 lbs.

If the guy who sits next to me offered me a candy bar every other day instead of twice to three times a day or perhaps if I didn't accept the newly released "Simply Caramel" Milky Way every time he offered, that would have something to do with the difference between 200 and 235 lbs.

If I exercised 1 time a week that would be 1 more time a week that I already exercise and therein lies part of the answer of the difference between 200 and 235 lbs. So it seems that for some out there this could be a rather complicated equation.

For me however the answer is simple the REAL difference from 235 lbs to 200 is... 35 LBS YOU DUMMY!!! 


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  1. You're funny. Good luck turning down the second donut. I can never do that. I can't turn down the 3rd or 4th either. I had to make it a personal rule to never buy a dozen again (for the supreme money saving benefits) after I ate nine in one day.