Monday, January 31, 2011

Inception: Thumbs Up!

Life has slowed down a bit compared to the pace we have been going for the last six months. Some of you may be thinking to yourselves "He is just NOW seeing Inception"? I would answer "YES, I HAVE BEEN BUSY OKAY"?
We will be catching up on some of the good movies that we haven't had time to watch and hear about in the next few months with our NetFlix subscription.


This movie however was amazing. Some movies are awesome because of the sheer awesomeness of graphics and actions, or maybe even the nostalgia of a remake. I really enjoy movies that make you think and have plot twists all throughout the show. It makes me feel like I've been mentally stimulated after laying in the bed with my wife, eating ice cream for two hours. Another movie that fits into this category is The Prestige.

The upsides to the show was it was a very original idea for a movie. I sometimes see movies like this and think to myself how a lot of other shows out there seem to be a lot of the same story just told different ways. This was an all new idea and also played on people's general curiosity in the mystique of dreams. Everyone has wanted to be conscious in the dream and create their own world. That part was awesome.

The down sides to the show I would say are just the length of the show and a few choices of actors. It didn't seem like a long show while watching it but finishing the movie at 2:00 a.m. took it's toll on me the next day at work. There are some actors that I get bored of really quickly, Samuel L. Jackson is one of them. Doesn't it seem like that guy is in everything? He of course is not in Inception but Ellen Page is. For some reason her voice and face are really irritating. She seems to be in more and more movies and playing the same type of character too. However, these are the only two things I could find I didn't like about the flick and both are personal issues. Besides the good far outweighs the bad in this show.

It was pretty much clean language and nothing the show made my wife feel uncomfortable. It had great visual effects (a little "Matrixy" but not bad), a great story line, and good actors. I'll probably watch it again. We rarely go out see movies but this is a movie that would have been worth seeing in theatres if I had known about it back then.


Anybody have some suggestions on movies released in the last six months that are not "R" rated and have been awesome shows you would recommend?

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  1. I really liked that movie too. It got me thinking about a lot of different things.

    Another great movie that came out a while back is "How to Train Your Dragon." Robyn and I just saw that and really liked it. We're like you where we are a little behind on movies but that one was worth waiting for.