Thursday, January 13, 2011

Qwest: Thumbs up!

As you may know we just moved into our newly purchased home. With the move comes a lot of headache paperwork, phone calls with automated systems that don't let you cheat by pressing "0" a bunch of times, and changing over the utilities with people that deliver the same friendliness as a DMV. I recently signed up for high speed Internet with Qwest. My friend Joshua works there and helped me get a 6 month promotional deal of $30 a month for 20 mbps of service. Amazing fast Internet right?

A technician came out right away and set everything up for me - all I had to do was run a phone line from their box to wherever I wanted the Internet service in the house OR they could do it for $100. Sounded simply enough so I declined the install and ran the line and brought it up through the floor, wired the phone jack up, and plugged in the new modem myself.I turned on my computer and installed the software and...nothing.

I called Joshua and he told me I would have to call the technical support who I called and they said their "side" of the line was working and it was something to do with the house line. I then called my dad who has a certain specialty with electronics and he told me to go out to the box where the lines were and test the jacks for voltage. There was a fat 00.00 on the volt meter so I promptly called Qwest up again and told them their wiring was wrong and they needed to send someone out right away.

They did. Today the technician came out checked the line and told me with DSL there is no voltage and the system is working fine. I felt bad for having him come all the way out for my ignorance. He then said he would help me run a new line from the box to the house for free. He crawled under the house, drilled the holes for me, ran the CAT5 wire (that he gave me), and wired up the phone jack all for me. It was awesome.

Oddly enough, the bill came today too. I was charged $157 for a new modem and fees. When I called to ask them about it they informed me that the technician was supposed to drop off a new modem, but didn't, so they took that charge off and waived my activation fee too!

So here I am in the comfort of my own home enjoying the Internet at lighting fast speed I was really impressed with how fast and how well I was treated. So thanks Qwest and technician dude! If you need Internet you can go ask for Joshua (Josue) at the Provo Town Center Qwest kiosk.


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  1. Hello Joe, Steph from Qwest here,

    I am glad to hear that the experience turned out to be a good one. I would like to send your positive feedback to Joshua's supervisor as well as the technician's supervisor. If you have time please email me at and include your billing phone number and billing address.

    thank you

    Stephanie Lake
    Manager, Talk To Qwest Team

    "At Qwest your account information is confidential and protected by law, so I need your permission to access the account.”