Friday, January 21, 2011

Stealing Designs / Automotive Plagiarism?

Hyundai globally is the fourth largest automaker and have been pretty successful in most markets. They actually hold the number one spot in Europe right now. With all the attention they have been getting lately there have been lookers that have really become quite fond of the designs they have been coming out with. Chinese cars have been copying designs of world market cars for a long time now and they have started to set their sights on Hyundai. Can anyone answer why they can't come up with their own designs? They mix and match fronts and back of different makes and models with some looking like Frankenstein creations that Sid from Toy Story put together. Auto manufacturers have sued and sued but haven't gained any ground in courts in attempts to protect their creations. Check out some of the Xerox copies that they have produced - CAN YOU TELL WHICH VEHICLE IS ORIGINAL AND WHICH ONE IS A COPY CAT?

Which one is the real Hyundai Santa Fe?

Which one is the real Lexus RX330?



Which one is the real Smart car?

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  1. Hmm... this is interesting. I'm not much of a car buff. Is the imposter vehicle just an altered photo or a different make and model of a similar car? This blog is a great idea. I constantly wish I knew more about cars because they can cause so much financial stress.