Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tron Legacy: Thumbs Up

My wife and I love watching movies but we rarely go see them in the actual theatre because of two main reasons: 2 year old daughter, and the price of admission. Mostly we don't because there are few movies that we feel we want to spend the money on to see that we wouldn't rather watch in pajamas with all the comforts of home around us. Some movies though look like they are worth the money. Every now and then I also go see movies with my brothers as a kind of guys night type thing. I went and saw Tron Legacy with the guys and thought it was a great show. I knew the move was coming out a long time ago and my wife and I rented the original Tron movie. I was blown away with how good the graphics were for the early 80's. The acting of course was in usual Disney fashion a little cheesy but still a great movie. I remember watching Tron as a kid and it was a great movie back then and like I said I am still impressed now.

The new movie was pretty good too. The graphics were amazing with some great evolutions of the old vehicles in the new movie. The story line was pretty decent and I felt was just right for the crowd they are trying to appeal to (old Tron fans and younger graduated Disney crowds too). Just the right amount of "ham" and just the right amount of awesome!

A few things that were done well was the amount of new material that played off of the old movie. It was a seamless transition from the old movie's storyline to the new movie. The new light cycles we amazing and got all the guys excited and yelling because of how impressive they were! The data disks on their backs was a familiar scene as was the train leading from the main sequence gate. All new vehicles and suits were my favorite parts.

The downsides were the similarities I drew with other movies like Star Wars with the way they fought and the dual disk fight (remember the dual light saber of Star Wars I?) I am neutral to the CGI of young Jeff Bridges. IT WAS AMAZING HOW GOOD IT LOOKED! However, like my brother Jim commented "it did look a little plasticy".

So for the most part I really enjoyed the show and really enjoyed the tradition of having a guys movie night with my brother's, nephews, and my dad. Go check out Tron Legacy if you haven't seen it but I would recommend renting the old one first as a refresher! Definitely worth the price in the theatre.


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