Friday, February 25, 2011

Acronym Explained: ESC or ESP - Electronic Stability Control

There is such a thing as "car talk". If you are a "gear head" you may know all about "car talk" and how to decipher the language. If you are not however it can be hard to look smart when someone is gabbing on and on about a car and how it has ABS, DOHC, TCS, 16V, EBD, CVVT, PZEV, AWD, and maybe even a P205/55 R18 here and there. When you get into your car there may even be some buttons you don't know what they do!! So to help keep all these letter straight and what they all mean I have created a label called Acronym Explained. If you find yourself left in the dust when looking at cars and all the new gadgets and features - read on my on.
Electronic Stability Control

ESC or ESP is not the same as Traction Control. It reduces the risk of single vehicular accidents, according to the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), by 41%. So this one is really important to understand. Electronic Stability Control can help in emergency situation or just for regular driving. Remember that time coming off the freeway you didn't slow down enough and the back end of the vehicle got a little squirrely? ESC aids in those types of situations. With ESC the car can now "sense" your intended path and keep you going in that direction! 90% of Hyundais this year have ESC standard on all models and 100% of Hyundais will have ESC next year. Here is a video that does a pretty good job explaining of how it works if you can stand the guys voice. Make sure you don't get talked into a circle next time someone mentions ESC or ESP! Drive safe!

- Joe Macedone

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