Sunday, February 6, 2011

Free: Carl Bloch Exhibit

I have never been the type to go to an art exhibit. However, a friend of mine, Jane, told me about a rare collection of art that would be here in town and I was intrigued. The artists name is Carl Bloch. He was a Danish artist in the 1800's who really had a talent and shared it with the world. His paintings are amazing! I went particularly because I wanted to see a few alter pieces that he had done of Jesus Christ. Jane told me about how I would recognize a lot of the paintings because The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints uses a lot of his artwork in books, magazines, and in chapels around the world.

Carl Bloch was commissioned to paint alter pieces for congregations out in Denmark and Sweden. This is the first time they have left the alters and are now at BYU - right around the corner. So we decided to check it out with some friends of ours and we had a great time. The paintings are huge! Bigger than life-size paintings of the Savior and they look amazing. He captures a lot of the emotion of the scenes depicted, and that we can read about in the new testament. There are other paintings there as well that are quite good but the favorites of mine were that of Jesus. You can also rent an iPad and headphones for $3 which will give you a tour and more info on each painting.

I was surprised at the feelings that I felt while looking at the artwork there. As I looked at the masterpieces I noticed a feeling of peace inside and I knew I was feeling the Holy Spirit witness to me that Jesus is my Redeemer. There was one picture in particular that I really felt love in my heart from God. It was in the Garden of Gethsemane and the angel is comforting Christ during the time he was praying and feeling the pains for the sins of the world. It really made me feel grateful for Christ and his suffering.  Elisabeth liked it too! She whispered the entire time and pointed out Jesus in each painting. She liked this one with the little boy because she said that "Jesus likes kids". It was a great family activity and it didn't cost us anything (besides Costco hot dogs and Pizza after).

I know this may sound cheesy to some. Like I said before, I never was the type to go to an art exhibit, stare at the paintings and marvel. This experience was new for me. I encourage everyone to go check it out for themselves. It is free, doesn't take very long, and you can wear regular clothes to the event. Here is a link to print tickets, parking passes, directions, and maps. Check it out!


The exhibit runs from Nov 12, 2010 through May 7, 2011


  • Monday – Saturday from 10 AM to 9 PM
  • Closed Sundays, as well as the following holidays:


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