Tuesday, February 15, 2011

FREE: Byu Bean Museum

Sometimes you need get out with the family and have some fun. The problem is when you take the entire fam it can get expensive. Even though our family is small right now I can imagine the bills could be pretty large think about my family of 15. We recently took a trip to the Monte L. Bean Science Museum at BYU with some friends. They call it the Dead Zoo. It is free and is full of all kinds of stuffed (taxidermy) animals.

They of course aren't living so you can get close to elephants, lions, bears, and lots of other wildlife. The have some interesting videos you can watch and sometimes there are little live shows they put on. Elisabeth had fun and we wish we went during the show. So for a cheap family night head over to the museum and hit up Costco for pizza and hot dogs afterwards.

- Joe Macedone

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