Friday, February 18, 2011

Holy Cow! I Cannot Afford Health Insurance!

Usually I like to keep posts, and blogs positive. I understand that life throws curve balls sometimes and you should be prepared for everything. I was born with congenial glaucoma in my left eye and have been very watchful of my vision since I was a very young kid. My wife before we were married went to the emergency room without health insurance and racked up huge bills. We have been trying to pay down her bills for the past 4 years and we are just now on the end tail of finishing paying it all off. So I am a big believer in health insurance for emergencies.

I believe in it so much that for the past 4 years I have been paying a $400 and most recently $500 a month. We have had a baby and we have gone to the doctors for our regular check ups so there has been a benefit during those years of me paying $21,000. The crazy thing is MY HEALTH INSURANCE JUST ROSE TO $650! I have always griped about how much it costs for health insurance but I have never been to the point where I debated on paying for it or not. I am at that point - $650 a month?!

When I call and talk to the representatives they always bring up the same scenario where you get into a horrific car accident and the bills are coming in from left and right and collection agencies are calling you and the constable is knocking at your door and they are garnishing your wages - then you would have wished you had health insurance.

The problem with their argument is that Health is an ongoing thing not just one catastrophic event that you insure for. Health insurance needs to be a maintenance plan instead of a warranty plan. With all the deductibles, co-pays, and out of pocket maximums you have to be very careful of what you sign up for because that $650 can suck you dry in the first place. You may be working so hard trying to pay your premium you may not have enough money to actually use the coverage.

Like I mentioned, I believe in health insurance. I think it is something that I should have to protect my family. I am not really sure where I stand on socialized medicine. I hear good and bad sides to the argument. One thing I am positive about. If insurance companies don't want someone to step it - they need to step up, because they are not creating a good argument for keeping things the way they are.

Just a little anger and frustration never hurt anyone right?

- Joe Macedone

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