Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hyundai Bringing Tablets to Cars

When you purchase an Equus the vehicle comes with an iPAD in place of an owners manual. You can schedule service appointments and have your car picked up for you. It has all the vehicle information in the car and even has a nice leather carrying case.

Rumor has it Hyundai is talking with Samsung to bring tablets to their mainstream lineup. It will connect with the vehicle's internal systems and gather information, stream music and video, and control smartphones and their applications. Also, it should bring a user friendly twist to Hyundai's new Blue Link Technology.

In a recent interview with Krafcik he said that LCD screens are becoming cheaper and we will see more applications of them in the industry. Right now every Hyundai model can be equipped with a navigation system excluding the Accent. So it seems that this rumor buzz may become a reality soon. Stay tuned for more info!

-Joe Macedone

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