Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Liberty Tax: Way Thumbs Up


It is that time of the year when we all can get the our money back from the Government. They have taxed us all year in order to make our world go 'round and they graciously return what they took too much of at the beginning of every year. The hard thing is there are a lot of forms and hoops to jump through to get the most money back. There is software out there you can buy that will help you figure it all out, or there is accountant students at universities that offer free tax filings if you make lower than a certain amount. Then there is always the route I took during high school - have my mom figure it out for me.

No matter what you decide the best route is taxes can be a headache. Since I have moved back to Utah I have taken all w-2s and 1099 forms to Liberty Tax on State Street in Orem. I go and see my friend Greg Moser every year and he has helped me figure out school credits, charitable donations, and deductions. I am excited to figure out what kind of benefit my new house will give me next year!

Something I like about the place is that it is locally owned and they are there during the "off season" too. 2008 was a tough year for me and Brooke. In the fall, we applied for some help from a hospital with some medical bills she had acquired in the past. However, to qualify for any assistance they wanted to see our tax papers, my income, our current bills, etc. We had just moved and I couldn't find any of my information or forms and so I called Liberty Tax up. Greg was very pleasant and willing to help me. He met me at his office to give me copies of my taxes forms and even made some copies of the past couple years.

Every year I have gone to Liberty Tax because the customer service is great and I have some peace of mind about my taxes. They have a money back guarantee, electronic filing so you get your refund faster, and if you ever get audited you have them at your service. It is nice to know I have something like that on hand in case I get randomly picked to have a closer inspection of my paperwork. At the end of the year I have 8-10 forms of documentation I have to file because of the whole commission thing. I doubt an audit will ever happen but it's nice to know they are there to help if it does.

Every year they offer a $40 bonus for me if I refer my friends in to go get their taxes done with them on State Street. I always tell everyone that they are so good there and they should go and keep the $40 for themselves. That's $40 in your pocket for getting your taxes done. Just go in there and tell Greg that JOE MACEDONE sent you and keep my $40. They usually have hot chocolate, doughnuts, and a movie playing with toys for the kids too. It is a good atmosphere and they are really friendly! Tell Greg I said "hi"!

Greg Moser
 Liberty Tax Service
148 South State Street
Orem, UT
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