Sunday, February 13, 2011


It isn't that I have a case of arachnophobia I just don't like spiders. I mean look at these ugly things, don't they give you the chills. They are disgusting! They move like tanks but usually pose no real threat. They are small and we are big. Apply a little pressure with a paper towel and them underneath and their little bodies break into pieces. It isn't that I am scared of them, but they are just nasty creatures I don't want in my home.

Before we moved in to this home, it was vacant for two years. We bought as a repossessed home and don't ask me why it took 2 years to go through the process but it did. Banks are no the best landlords - especially when they are out on the east coast. So this house sat and sat with no one sweeping, cleaning, or killing bugs.

Funny thing about bugs - THEY MULTIPLY RAPIDLY! My dad used to tell me that there is always a bigger fish and that holds true in the insect world too. When there are bugs to eat - there is something to eat the bugs. Spiders are the bigger bugs. They say that if you have spiders you really have a problem with another bug and the spiders are there to eat the other bugs. You can't tell me though that when there is a thread on your arm tickling as though something is crawling on you it doesn't make you jump a little.

When I first walked down the basement there were spider webs everywhere and I could see huge black widows hanging out near the vents. We purchased the home regardless of my dislike of spiders and the first thing we started to do was vacuum up spiders and their webs downstairs. There was a ton of them and their egg sacks - NASTY!

While remodeling though we tried to seal off any cracks and crevices that might cause our house to have 6 or 8 legged intruders. Well today I killed my first spider in our home. I was really hoping that we wouldn't have to deal with any until spring when it got a little warmer.

Like I said it isn't that I am afraid of spiders it is just that I don't like them. I know that God created them for a reason and with out them I would have a different problem on my hands with too many of other bugs crawling around. The one I have a real problem with is Mosquitoes WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM EH?!

-Joe Macedone

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