Saturday, March 5, 2011

Anything Will Pass as Music These Days

I have always loved music since I was a little kid. I enjoy relaxing and listening to music as a pass time. Even though I like to listen as a hobby and to fill the silence that doesn't mean I like what I call "filler" music. When you buy a new album of your favorite artist there is usually 12-15 songs and maybe 1/2 of them are ones that you might actually listen to. Every once in a while there are awesome albums where all the music is good and you can't get enough of the sound but that is rare.

The radio these days are filled with the the "rice cakes" of the album that you wouldn't want to listen to. it seems like everything is a filler song and artists are popping up left and right with this stuff. The new songs about dances are all the craze in suburbia and all the "auto-tune" songs are just too much. Even Mariah Carey who has a superhuman voice put out songs using this fad-device. Doesn't everything sound like those poser Disney Channel singers?

I am a little embarrassed to say that growing up the only music I liked was Rap. I listened to all the big names and thought they were everything I needed to know and hear about music. I was really naive! Of course I don't feel that way now and I have branched out to many different genres. I still have problems with certain types of music like metal and grunge but I am sure there are cool songs somewhere.

Now, REAL music to me isn't defined by a certain genre, sound, era, or musical instrument but by creativity and talent. Roger Troutman is one of my favorite artists and I really enjoy T-Pain's revival of the talkbox but we seriously need to stop selling these things at Walmart to every artist. It WAS cool and sounded good because it WAS original.

This observation came to me when I heard some Charlie Wilson from the GAP Band and thought to myself how amazing his voice sounds. That left me wondering why I don't hear anymore true voices on the radio and why true talent isn't more popular right now. It is kind of like the times when there is nothing good in the movie theatres and then a few weeks later it seems that every good movie out looks good. Except this time weeks have been years for me. 

All day long at work there is music playing in the background. To me a "good" song is one you cannot help but listen to. It doesn't fade into the background but sticks out for one reason or another. If Stevie Wonder can make dozens of these masterpieces can't others too? If I come home from work and need to vegetate a good therapy is to take a collection of "good" music and just waste a few minutes listening. So talent please return to the radio so I can enjoy music getting to work and on test drives. I'll be waiting for you at home waiting to add you to my iTunes.

Do you have any good suggestions for music to try while I wait for some good new stuff to come out with?

- Joe Macedone

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