Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jealousy is a Nasty Thing


I have found that there are two kinds of jealousy or envy out there. The first kind is when you see your neighbor come home with a new car and park in his driveway and you wish that you had what he had. You look at someone else and you compare what you have and get a little down on yourself and hope someday you will be in the same position as the other guy.

The second isn't any better. It is when you see the guy at work that is the top performer and you HATE him for it. The guy could be a humble, down-to-earth, nice guy but you literally hate his guts because he makes you look bad or maybe you feel like less of a person because someone has more than you. Either form is not good for the soul. Both are damaging and can cause you to act in ways or do things you may regret.

Lately some people have expressed the hate-type of jealousy for me. I have been looking at my life and have been thinking to myself "what are they so upset about?" I have the smallest, most run down (from the outside anyway) house in my neighborhood. We have an older car with 140,000 miles on it that is the ugliest color I have ever seen. I don't even get to drive the car either, I have an old Vespa scooter that has been laid down twice and when the weather is nicer I ride my bike to work. My bike was given to me by a friend and the front rim is a little bent so it couldn't be my bike either.

My clothes aren't the nicest. A lot of my clothes have re-sewn buttons, frayed on the sleeves, and are faded from the dryer. My ties are missing the back loops so the little end is never tucked clean away. My shoes are worn in the back because of the way I walk they never last me more than a few months.

It can't be because I am in amazing shape or that I am overly-handsome. I am 5'10" and 235 lbs. Most of my fat I carry in my stomach and I have a long torso with short legs. I am blind in one eye and I have a prominent Italian nose. I have small teeth and a big head.

I don't have any awesome new gadgets. I bought my computer at Costco for doing homework, listening to music, and getting on the Internet so it is not the nicest system in the world. I do have a flat screen monitor but it is 15" and looks even smaller because of the computer desk. I have an older TV that shuts off intermittently while you are watching (but a good smack on the left side will turn that puppy back on). My phone is a "smart phone" but from 5 years ago so it is well-worn to say the least. It is slow has a faded screen and never rings.

So there you have it- just a regular guy with regular things. Then it hit me this morning as I kissed my sleeping family goodbye, maybe it is them! I have a loving, supermodel wife who dedicates her life to my beautiful sweet daughter. My wife is smart, good with money, and looks for opportunities to help others in anyway she can. My daughter is a fun, little, energetic girl who says funny things and is a cute little person.

You could say that I am the luckiest guy in the world with my family. I may not have much materially but I have riches when it comes to them. Unfortunately I am in pretty good health so my spouse and daughter won't be up for grabs anytime soon people - but thanks for the compliment. I had to work hard to get these two :)

- Joe Macedone


  1. I think sometimes it's easy to compare our weaknesses to other people's strengths. When we do that it's easy to get jealous of others. I think I've been on both sides of that coin. I've had people literally tell me they hate me because of a certain achievement I've done or a toy I've bought. But I've also looked at other people and said, "I wish I could do that the way they do." (I don't think I've ever hated them for it though.)

    I guess the important thing is to count our own blessings and be grateful for them, and to also be happy for other people as they achieve success in its various forms.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! And congratulations on having such an amazing family.

  2. Joe, What a great Post. People may be haters, but don't let them get you down. You are such a warm person with a personable approach, that when a potential buyer walks through the door, they are drawn to you over the other 3 guys at your side. That's a hard thing for them to compete with. You are extremely blessed to have your family. FAMILIES ARE FOREVER! Let others be jealous, you just keep being you, and they will get sucked in by how great you genuinely are - or have to deal with that ugliness that jealousy causes inside of them. Have a good Day Joe. Cambria

  3. If the grass is greener on the other side.... then you (in the general sense of the word) need to do some yard work!!