Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Goodbye So Soon

My wife and I got married 4 years ago today! I've had 14 cars cars during my 13 years of having my driver's licence. I brought a '04 Ralliart into our marriage and my wife drove a '96 Legacy. At the time I was living less than a block from the dealership I worked for, and I could walk to work. So I decided that we would sell both cars and use one, so we could work on getting out of debt. We purchased a '98 Galant and have used that ugly-as-sin vehicle for the family 4 years now.
Well things started to take a turn for the worst at the Mitsu dealership, and I was starting to get worried that I would have to find another job. By this time we were pregnant with out daughter and I didn't want to leave my wife without a car if I found a job that was further away - so I found a second vehicle. My 04 Vespa ET4 and I were inseparable from then on out. Rain or shine we were together on my commutes to work, errands, and school. I never have lived more than a few miles from any of those places so it was a lot of fun! Everyone thought I was crazy to ride that bad boy in a snow storm but it actually wasn't that bad when you go slow and bundle up!

Sadly two weeks ago we had to go our different ways. We separated because of two wrecks on it and an injured left foot. I didn't feel it responsible to ride it anymore having a family and all. So our days of cutting through traffic on state street and parking at school without a permit are gone. Sorry to disappoint anyone that enjoyed seeing a 230lb dude ride a 150cc scooter everyday. To my vespa...Farewell my friend! Here is a song dedicated to you by late and great Vincent Price!

- Joe Macedone

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