Saturday, April 23, 2011

Life Regret #1: Eagle Scout

Up until about a month ago I have had 3 life regrets but recently that number has been raised to 4. The first one may not seem very big to many of you but it has been something I wish I had accomplished. I have three older brothers that were really big into scouting. All three received their Eagle Scout award before the age of 16. I was in cub scouts and liked the programs well enough. We would go camping, start fires, cook outside, sleep in tents, and fish - it was a lot of fun. For some reason however when I got a little older...
 I lost interest in scouting. I stopped going on Tuesday nights after I became a tenderfoot. I guess I got interested in cars and girls and decided I needed to free up my Tuesday nights for "more important" things.

Well for me that was a huge mistake. There has been so many time in my life that I wish I had worked towards that honor or getting my Eagle Scout award. This might seem silly, and this is not the main reason, but I am always reminded of this ol' regret when I need to tie something down on a truck with a rope. I have always felt that tying knots would be a useful skill and I could learn how to do it now but I am too lazy. An Eagle Scout learns hard work, dedication, survival skills, morals and values, and in general how to be a good person. I probably could have benefited from learning these thins at an earlier age and strengthened the good qualities I already had. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints encourages their young men to take part in the Boy Scouts of America programs, they even have church positions that work with the youth and help them.

Although this is a life regret I am writing about, and I do wish I had went through the ranks of the BSA, I sometimes fear that I will be given a responsibility in the church to work with the youth and therefore have to be involved with it again. It would be cool to learn the skills but I really do not want to have to work with kids with attitudes like mine at that age. I was a jerk! In the meantime maybe I will check out a library book on how to tie knots :)

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  1. I got my eagle scout award. I don't remember all the knots but I do remember having contests to see who could tie the bowline the fastest. I did that one so much that my muscle memory still remembers how to tie it in under a second. The other ones take a little more thinking to remember. They definitely come in handy at various times. Maybe you will get a chance to work with the youth and be forced to learn them yourself.