Saturday, May 14, 2011

Acronym Explained: TCS Traction Control System

There are many acronyms in the car industry and many people assume you know what they mean. Here is another button...
 on your dash that you may or may not know what it means - TCS. It stands for Traction Control System and it keeps you safe in slippery conditions.

TCS works with the car's Anti Lock Braking system (ABS) to control your wheel spin should a tire lose traction. If you were to hit some snow, rain, or ice and loose traction the TCS system would retard the power to the slipping wheel and pulsate the brake to slow it down until it can catch traction again. This is especially useful in snowy or rainy starts, going up hills, or turning into a corner. Traction control is great for new and old drivers and keeps you safe without you taking a second thought - although nothing can protect you like good driving habits. Here is a short video on how a TCS should work. Drive safe and enjoy!

- Joe Macedone

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