Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Does Time = Money?

Since starting a family I often have a hard time leaving the house in the morning to go to work.
I would like to stay home and fly a kite with them or go on a bike ride. They are great to be around and I enjoy watching my daughter grow up. I enjoy taking care of my family and unfortunately work is a necessary evil in that equation. If I am not going to work and providing for my family I wouldn't be doing my part in taking care of them, but if I am working too much I am neglecting them and that's not my goal.

Finding the balance of work and family, time and money, and any other correlations out there has been tough for me. I have always spent more time with my family thinking that things will work out with money and they always have. I am a man though and I was raised and built, to work hard and provide a living. It is a paradox which I can't figure out. With a new baby coming I need to figure it out quickly.

Thursdays and Sundays are my only days off and I work 50 hours a week, go to school, and have other responsibilities as well. I think the answer is spending quality time during those two days with them - one dedicated to family time - bike rides, picnics, hamburgers, hot dogs, princess pretending (3yr old girl) and the other dedicated to God - visiting the sick and lonely, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and reflecting on spirituality. It has worked so far and I hope it will continue with another addition...

- Joe Macedone

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  1. Congratulations on your new little Prince or Princess!! How exciting! It is hard to balance everything..For years I thought my shoulders held the weight of the world~ I have been a single mom working full time and raising my 4 until I remarried this last September. I still work, but it is really wonderful to be able to emotionally share the load..as well as physically and logistically with the kids.
    I admire your love for missionary work and your dedication to your family and to the Lord..And you are good at your vocation..Keep it up!
    Take care, Cambria