Friday, June 17, 2011

Correct Tire Pressure Is Essential

Having the correct tire pressure does a lot of things for you....
First, it saves on gas. The top reason for lower gas mileage is not having all four tires the SAME pressure. Second, your car is more stable. Have you ever had a wobbly table with one leg that is shorter than the other 3? Same idea with the tire pressure of ALL four tires.
Third, you are safer. When you have over inflated tires you are running on less surface area so braking and handling is compromised. You also run the risk of a blowout instead of just a flat tire if the PSI is too high.

Lastly, you save money on tires. Over inflated tires wear in the middle faster and under inflated tires wear on the outside faster. Proper tire pressure insures even wear across the tire so you have good tread throughout the life of the tire (as long as you rotate them periodically). Take a look inside the door of your vehicle for factory recommended pressure. Here in the mountains we fill our tires up to 35-38 psi. So next time you see your TPMS light on make sure to fill all four tires! Good luck and take good care of your tires or you might end up like this guy!

- Joe Macedone

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