Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Can A 6 Year Old Car Compete In This Market? 2012 Toyota Camry

Usually I don't knock the competition but this time something has to be said...

The Toyota Camry has been king of the hill for a long time. There are many challengers in the mid-size domestic and import category but none have consistently out-sold the Camry. Why is this so? In 2007 an all-new Camry hit the market with new a new design language and a big body design. It wasn't much different from the past 20 years of Camry - almost the same features, same bland styling, but with some safety upgrades and some new sheet metal.

For 2012 Toyota has decided to "update" old faithful with a freshening of the front and rear ends and also throw in newer interior treatments. But do not be fooled- this is the exact same car that debuted in 2006! Can a 6 year old car continue to compete with all-new vehicles? New vehicles have new suspension technology, stiffer high-tensile steel bodies, technology and connectivity out the nose, and not to mention NEW LOOKS AND STYLES!!!

In the car industry many manufactures have a set model rotation when they transform and update their models to conform with current features and trends. When a car makers has long drawn out model rotations it lacks momentum and energy. Not to mention their brand-new cars look very dated really fast. Take the '92-99 Chevrolet Suburban for example - in 1999 if you bought a suburban or CK1500 you could be mistaken your neighbor who bought the same truck almost 9 years earlier. CRAZY!

Hyundai has a 5 year rotation with a 2.5-3 year freshening schedule. Their cars look newer, get upgrades mid-cycle, and even get different paint schemes almost every year. Check out these comparisons. To the Camry - Watch out for the Sonata....we are coming for you old timer.

- Joe Macedone

If you can't tell the difference between the cars on the left - please don't be alarmed...they are the exact same car and built on the exact same platform for 6 years straight - in THE SAME COLOR! The one on the right, however, in almost the same amount of time has gone through just a few more THAN ONE!

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  1. Doesn't a car depreciate more if a newer model/body style comes out. Maybe that is why Camry has higher resale values because it takes 10 years to get a new body style update.