Monday, August 22, 2011

Expert Expertise

Has anyone looked into the Internet lately? They are giving away all kinds of free stuff!!! 50 years of experience in specialized fields, Doctorate degrees, insider trade information, and religious truth! Yes its true...step right up and get your
daily dose of information that will help you argue, doubt, and make millions.

I am included in the group that has "researched" a subject on wikipedia and then questioned an authority on the matter - but why do we do this? The most common situation I think of is at the doctors office or when there is a heath issue. Sometimes this can be good - they don't call it a practice for nothin'! Second opinions are always a good idea and sometimes can be the difference between losing a limb and picking up some cough medicine at Walgreen's. The difference is where you get the second opinion...a board certified professional with seasoned experience or your neighbor who "had a sister that heard about that same symptom happening to someone down the street". It seems that turning to the Internet has inflamed this particular habit in all of us.

The Internet knows...right? RIGHT and WRONG! The web has a ton of good info. You can watch a video on brain surgery or someone tying their shoes. But wisdom is putting that information and knowledge to good use. I can find a list of symptoms and pictures of a disease very quickly, but I haven't researched the 10 other diseases with similar symptoms to deduce what the difference would be.

It is good to be "in-the-know" and well researched. It can give us a better understanding of ideas, problems, quality, bargains, and truth. However, have you noticed lately that everyone is an expert besides the expert themselves? Why we get trapped in this? Wiki did not send a diploma in the mail, askjeeves doesn't mind-meld us with Einstein, and God usually doesn't speak to our hearts and minds through ChaCha for spiritual guidance.

Good luck on your quest for a more information-transparent world. And remember that salesperson at Radio Shack really is trying to take all your money and control your mind - so you better research that mini bluetooth PC mouse as best you can before really settling on one or another. The positive is computer prices go down every month so you will get a better deal on it in 3 years while you "research" but don't wait to see the doctor if you are seeing green spots - that one you might want to get checked out!

-Joe Macedone

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