Monday, November 21, 2011

Macedone Motivation

When the going get tough the tough get going! Attitude determines altitude! There are a lot of cliches describing mind sets and the need for a positive outlook is crucial in sales. Sales can be discouraging at times because there are a lot of things that can get to your attitude - weather, rejection, and flat out failure... The trick is to have a trick up your sleeve that keeps yourself away from people and thoughts that create a cloud over you. No one likes a Negative Nancy (no offense intended to any Nancy's out there). You could always click over to Macedone Miles and look at the Latest Laughter section - that usually works for me but here is a quick video that will change your life. When life gets you down just think of old Mr Miyagi cheering on a young Daniel LaRusso in this epic karate sparring match! HAHA seriously though laughter is the best medicine for a bad attitude. Try it! Just go up to a co-worker and say something random that doesn't make sense then walk off as though it did! You will have a ball! If that isn't your style just watch this video!

- Joe Macedone

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