Friday, December 30, 2011

"I Don't Like You Either!"

Everyday we have interactions with other people. Some we click with and others we just don't. The bad - we don't get to pick who we interact with all the time.
The good - we don't have to go home to those people that we don't like, we don't have to invite them to our Christmas party or summer barbecues. I have found that when you don't get along with someone, or they just rub you the wrong way, it is because you don't know them well enough or are not focusing on the good qualities they have. Sometimes you may not even know why they rub you the wrong way and it is hard to define a REAL reason why. Another trouble when you don't like them is you don't want to make the effort to get to know them or look past the bad that you may see. Two suggestions...

Whenever this happens to me I always think of the Cantina scene in Star Wars a guy comes up to Luke and picks a fight for no reason. The guy ends up dead and his friend with his arm cut off. This outcome doesn't seem favorable so I try and find three things about someone I have a hard time liking and pay attention to those things. It WORKS. I can't say that I will be BFF's with those people but at least it helps to tolerate their presence.
Also, try and clearly define why you don't favor their company. Usually it is something small or stupid that has no significance. In those cases remember you have your own faults and people may be thinking of you the same way.

Watch TIME "1:00" to "2:44" and you will see what I mean!

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