Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid LIFETIME BATTERY WARRANTY

13 years ago Hyundai rocked the U.S. with the introduction of America's Best Warranty. Hyundai has announced another heavy hitter
but this time to the Hybrid world. Hyundai has put their Sonata Hybrid through some serious testing and have full confidence in their revolutionary proprietary Lithium Polymer technology they are now offering a Lifetime Warranty on their Hybrid batteries.
This is something no other Hybrid offers and an awesome benefit to a great looking great MPG vehicle! The Sonata Hyrbid also has the best coverage with America's Best Warranty. Starting in the 25k range the Sonata is a very compelling green-machine.

- Joe Macedone


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    The Hyundai brand power continues to rise as it was ranked 65th in the 2007 Best Global Brands by Interbrand and BusinessWeek survey, with brand value estimated at $5.0 billion. Public perception of the Hyundai brand has been transformed as a result of dramatic improvements in the quality of Hyundai vehicles. As of 2011, it is the world's fastest growing car brand for two years running.
    Buying a genuine Hyundai Factory Warranty for your vehicle gives you nationwide access to the service network, allowing you to have your vehicle repaired virtually anywhere in the United States and Canada.

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