Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Revealed!

Finally after all the waiting a low-res glimpse of the new Santa Fe. I always reserve my final judgments of styling until I see the car in person but I think the bigger body will be great! The front looks to be more in line with the European styling and we might get a different front end in the U.S. but the back end is usually the same. The new Santa Fe should be loaded up with updated goodies and probably some industry firsts. I am guessing with the new body there will be updated powertrain as well. It would be difficult to imagine with all the updates to every other model in Hyundai's line up that they would leave the Santa Fe untouched. My guess would be that they would have two engine options both mated to Hyundai's own 6 speed transmission. It would only make sense that they add the 2.4L GDi motor to achieve 200 hp. The new body will be heavier and the 174 hp from the older motor might not cut it in performance or MPG. I do think they will stick with the 3.5L V6 for higher trims but I wouldn't think it out of the question if it came with the 2.0l Turbo found in the Sonata either as they both make the same HP. Check out the pics and tell me what you think :)

- Joe Macedone

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