Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No Snow? No Problem! Contest

Here in Lindon, we have had very minimal snow this year. Even today all around us people are reporting snowfall but not a flake to be seen here at Murdock Hyundai. The past 3 contests have been a blast and congratulations to the winners!

This time there will be a twist to the contest. Since there isn't much snow out there make your own snowman made out of whatever you want (snow, tires, boxes, etc). THERE ARE 3 PRIZES!!!


Primary prize #1 - To the most "Likes" a night at the Anniversary Inn
Primary prize #2 - To the most "Shares" a night at the Holiday Inn
Secondary prize - To the first person to get 500 "likes" or "shares" will get a full tank of gas (this is one prize but may be combined with a primary prize)


1.) Must post a picture of yourself, children, or second cousin with your snowperson creation.

2.) Must have "JOE MACEDONE & MURDOCK HYUNDAI ARE HAVING ANOTHER CONTEST - HELP ME WIN!" in the description of the picture

3.) Must respond as the winner of either prize on the wall of the contest
and post a status update stating " I just won (prize) from "JOE MACEDONE AND MURDOCK HYUNDAI!" within 24 hours of contest closing time.

4.) Must be 18 years old or older to win

5.) Must live in Utah (unless you are willing to drive to Utah to pick up the prize)

6.) If you win a prize, you may choose to gift your prize to someone (i.e. parents, sibling, second cousin) but you must come pick up the prize yourself in person within 24 hours of winning - No exceptions

7.) Any complaining, whining, bad mouthing, swearing, dating, or riding on the bus alongside with or to another contestant will disqualify you. (Just don't tell me you take the same bus and I will never know)

8.) Seriously this is all for fun...and advertising...but mostly fun so please HAVE FUN WITH IT and be a good sport so my work will let me continue these contests.

9.) Photo of self and Snowperson creation bungee-jumping, hang-gliding, or cliff-diving will not increase your chances of winning but would be awesome.

10.) Only one primary prize may be awarded per person, per family, per household.

11.) No Drawings of Snowpeople on paper/posterboard will be considered an entry - unless it is 8 ft tall! That would be pretty cool if you could find paper that big.

12.) Anyone can win! Even those who have won facebook or my newsletter contests before! Good luck!

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