Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dealership Debates: The Salesman On The Test Drive?

There are things about buying a car that no one likes but are necessary evils. I would like to address some common dislikes about dealerships and get some opinions on what we can do to change.

Some dealership guests would rather go on a test drive on their own and some like it when a salesperson goes with them. I cannot speak for the guests but as far as the dealership logic goes this is the reason why I go on every test drive with few exceptions.

Number one, It is the rule at the dealership. I try and follow as many rules as I can remember so I can keep my job. HAHA. Most vehicles on a lot are thousands of dollars of merchandise and the dealership wants to protect it's assets. No one would ask to look at a few thousand diamond necklace "by themselves" and it almost seems crazy to think about you giving your own vehicle to a complete stranger to drive for however long they would like on your gas. When people come look at cars they sometimes feel it is an intrusion of their privacy if the salesperson comes a long, but in reality I can actually be a huge help on the drive - like in a fender bender.

However, I can totally understand the anxiety some people feel. I can see how uncomfortable people feel while test driving with me in the car. It is as though they feel like they are taking a driving test and I am judging if they are going to pass. In reality I am thinking about different features about the car that might interest you, getting to know them, or perhaps thinking about a hamburger. HAHA. Seriously though I am just human and enjoy talking to people and want to put people at ease so they can enjoy the drive.

Some dealerships require you to be quiet during the test drive but I feel like that would be awkward and make people feel more insecure so I try and talk to people and maybe even make a friend. Car buying can be fun and exciting but unfortunately because of bad experiences and stigmas of the car business most people dread it. I have made some good friends over the past 7 years and I am glad to know them through serving them with vehicles.

What do you think? Is there more that I didn't address? Do you care if we go with you? Let's hear some feedback.

- Joe Macedone

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  1. I definitely would prefer to go without a salesman but I completely understand that they wouldn't want to let some stranger drive away with a brand new car.

    The only thing I dislike is that some salesman put a lot of pressure on you. It is annoying to have to feel that pressure while you're test driving. It's nice if you can escape it for a while. But as long as you're no pressure than it's not that big of a deal.