Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Caution All Driver On University Avenue in Provo

Have you ever driven on University Avenue in Provo? It is a high traffic street serving many businesses and also many many BYU students. If you are from a city and have had the treat of driving in this area you might have noticed
that people walk right out in front of you. It seems as though they have no idea that you are in a 3000 lbs or more box of steel on wheels and they are 200 lbs or less of flesh. I have noticed this phenomenon for the past ten years and have wondered what would motivate someone to walk out in front of a car?

I wonder if they feel because pedestrians have the right of way they should let everyone know of their legal protection by sacrificing their well being and maybe a few weeks time in the hospital? "If they hit me...I WILL SUE" I think might be the mentality? I have served my time in a few traffic schools and a good line I always take from them is, "You can be right, or you can be DEAD right!" So caution to any driver around that area! You need to always be watching for these lemmings and their death wishes. Please watch the video and please hone your skills of animal avoidance! Any comments on why this happens?

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