Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No More Rock Chips!

Check this stuff out! It is a clearbra type material that protects the windshield against rock chips and impacts. This would come in handy with a lot of vehicles and all the construction out there. No more smash and grabs from thieves either!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dealership Debates: Trade-in Values

There are things about buying a car that no one likes but are necessary evils. I would like to address some common dislikes about dealerships and get some opinions on what we can do to change.

The Trade-in process is a tricky thing for most consumers and dealers to agree on. NADA, Kelly Blue Book and a handful of other smaller websites attempt to give a little guidance on what vehicles are worth. I have been helping people trade their vehicles for different transportation for over 7 years now and I just have not found their guides to be reliable. It is a daily occurrence that a customer tells me they have looked at the value of their car on one of those websites. The problem with these sites is there is no guarantee of value. They don't buy and sell the cars themselves. Their websites all say, guides, estimates, etc. There is a new website called Autotrader Marketplace however, that will buy cars - they have more accurate values too.