Monday, April 8, 2013

2014 Hyundai Sonata Refresh Revealed

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Every 5 years or so Hyundai takes each of their vehicles and redesigns them from the ground up and half way through the body style's life they get a refreshening with updated technology and styling.

Even before I worked for Hyundai I was impressed with their model life cycle. They are always improving each model as often as they can. To my knowledge they do this the most and the fastest in the industry. Now that I work for Hyundai, I realized they hit the refresh button more often than that - sometimes in 6 months. Well without anymore background segways here is the new 2014 refresh of Hyundai's top selling vehicle - The Sonata.
The updates are mild in styling but there have been many updates to quality and fit and finish. The Sonata already was a segment leader in value and luxury with features like America's Best Warranty and heated rear seats, but now we will enjoy even more of both with this new version. Take a look!
To outline a few changes lets start on the interior. Revised center stack design, buttons, and larger navigation screen simplify the interior and bring a more sophisticated feel to the cabin. Gathered (instead of stretched) leather will also push the Sonata interior upscale like a Lexus ES350.

The exterior receives minor upgrades. Tube LED taillights and LED accented fog lights set off the refreshed look. A new grill, side mirror treatment, and wheel options update the sheet metal slightly without taking away from the gorgeous body style that has won so many awards! All in all it is just enough to bring the car in line with new designs Hyundai will be rolling out and still hold its beautiful shape! What do you think?



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